Clinker - is a coarse ceramic product, which natural look and rigidity is created by unique production technology. For many years we are selling ABC Klinkergruppe and AGROBUCHTAL clinker blocks and tiles designed for outdoor terraces, facades. Durability, unique design, great color choice - are the main features of the tiles and due to these features these tiles are successful implemented in a number of different standard and customized solutions according to each client's needs.

ABC Klinkergruppe

“ABC-Klinkergruppe” paving clinker manufacturer known for its high quality and durability. This is a great choice for your outdoor environment solutions. Clinker blocks are 4-5 times stronger than concrete. The most important properties of clinker: low water absorption, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, mechanical abrasion and pressure. An important advantage of clinker production - naturalness: no chemical additives are used in the production process. Product color is dependent on the features of natural raw materials from which it is made: color, combustion method, the temperature and duration. A wealth of special elements will help to solve not only engineering, but also aesthetic challenges.

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Agrob BUCHTAL consists of three factories in Germany. For Lithuanian clients we offer clinker tiles for outdoor terraces, facades, ceramic and stone tiles for swimming pools, technical stone tiles for shopping centers and other commercial premises, as well as ceramic and stone tiles line for private projects. Agrob Buchtal is focused on solid design and unprecedented quality of production.


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