Construction mixtures - cement, glue, primer, waterproofing

Construction mixes for tile coverings are made of the highest quality standards. Reliable measures will help to lay the various ceramic or stone tile surfaces comfortably and quickly. Mira, Botament, Kerakoll, Mapei - these are well known manufacturers of construction mixture, each of which focuses on the customer and his needs. Tile gluing and puttying seams will not cause any discomfort.  


Mira byggeprodukter A/S - it is a Danish company which has more than 40 years of experience producing high-quality dry construction mixtures. The company operates mainly in Scandinavia and Central and Eastern European markets. Products are distributed in all countries with Mira trademark in red-white packaging, marking the product reliability and quality.



Botament - a German company that makes high-quality construction mixtures required for the installation of tile floors.



KERAKOLL - construction mixtures factory in Italy which is proud of being able to supply high quality, environmentally friendly materials to its clients.



Mapei - Italian construction mixtures’ factory which offers a wide range of high quality tile joint fillers.