Glass blocks

Glass blocks - an original solution for individual homes, offices and public places. Different shades of glass gives the impression of luxury and modernity. Transparency helps to keep the living space open without any borders. Glass block manufacturers seek to meet both simple and non-standard customer needs by offering the optimal variants which stand out in high quality and style.



Seves glassblocks is a business unit of The Seves Group, the world's leading manufacturer of glass and composite insulatorsfor power transmission and distribution systems, and of glass blocks for architectural and interior design applications. Seves glassblock owns 36% of the world's glass block production and distribution market. With nine different colours, a neutral line, and 200 different glass designs, Seves glassblock has a 40% share (in terms of value) of the world glass block market. The collective traditions and in-depth expertise of the most prestigious brands in the international glass block segment: Vetroarredo, Vitrablok, Vidromatone, and Sindoco, have been united together under Seves glassblock. Today, Seves glassblock provides high-quality products, with superior technological contents and strict structural standards, while respecting both the environment and consumer.



Poesia - tai lyg eilės parašytos stikle ir jo paviršiuje. Stiklo blokeliai įkvėpti žemės, ugnies ir oro virsta unikaliu meno kūriniu įgyvendinančiu slapčiausias Jūsų svajones. Tobulai apdirbtas stiklas ne tik įkvėps, bet ir leis pasijausti unikalia gamtos dalimi.