Parquet is usually chosen for its naturalness, warmth and environmental friendliness. Due to new technology has made this durable material can now meet even the most demanding needs. The floor is made from heat-treated wood, making you feel like at home like in a wild forest sensing its smell. Parquet large variety of colors and shades allow the implementation of the most unique solutions close to the nature and its beauty.


A wide range of environmentally-friendly products based on a vast experience in manufacturing hardwood flooring BOEN Bruk AS started manufacturing mosaic and solid wood flooring in 1953, progressing to multi-layer prefinished hardwood flooring in 1966. The knowledge we acquired during those many years, is drawn on today when manufacturing our multi-layered hardwood flooring which comes in a range of thicknesses from 10-23mm. BOEN's wood specialists and engineers have a vast knowledge of the effect the climate has on wood. This important factor has played a significant role in our choice of technology and techniques. BOEN have themselves developed and built many of the principal machines used in the production process. BOEN's standards are on average considerably higher than those which are generally practised in the production of parquet.